Miscellaneous productions mentioning names of performers, employees, different productions, and other pieces of inside information.


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In the "Pop Psychology" sketch on Good Morning America, Behemoth's inner child babbles "Mama. Mama. Bert and Ernie!"


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A photo from the wedding finale of The Muppets Take Manhattan is visible on the wall of a Bounty commercial.

The Ghost of Faffner Hall

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Faffner Hall Kermit pendant
In "Improvised Music", Mr. Director, a lookalike of Peter Harris, wears a necklace with a miniature Kermit dangling from it. This is the Kermit pendant given to cast, crew and guests on The Muppet Show.
In "Notation: The Sign That Gets the Sound, a nursery set is decorated in with Muppet Babies wallpaper.

Big Bag

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In The Birthday Blah, when Chelli finds out it is Sofie's birthday, he plans to throw her a party because he says that a birthday without a party is like Bert without that orange guy.

Muppet Action Figures

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Sam action figure book Decency
The regular variant of Sam the Eagle Action Figure Series 8 by Palisades Toys includes a book titled "Standards and Practices - The code of Ethics and The Standards of Professional Conduct, 118th Edition". Inside the book is the "Nudity" speech from episode 206 and The Muppet Show 2 album.
Sam book important people
The "shifty-eyed" variant of Sam the Eagle Action Figure Series 8 by Palisades Toys includes a book titled Strategies for the All-American Campaign: Sam the Eagle 2004. Inside the book is a list of "Important people to mention in speeche" (sic). The list includes Wayne and Wanda.

Muppets Party Cruise

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The original Muppet Show title card is used as part of the backdrop in the "Stage Fright" game.
The description for "Food Fight" is based on Dr. Teeth's reading of The Muppet Movie screenplay in the film.
Among the names pre-programmed into the high score listings are "Steve W," "Kevin C" and "Brian H."

Disney Xtreme Digital

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In the bottom right corner of the main stage, among a box and other clutter, sits the original version of Ernie's Rubber Duckie.

The Case of the Stolen Show

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Seen in Rizzo's stateroom are T-shirts for KMUP and Pete's Luncheonette.

Disney Drive-On

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While soliciting money for Pepe the King Prawn's "Disney Legends" program, Walter lists off some well-known Disney legends, including Wally Boag, Dick Van Dyke and Jim Henson.

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