A 1960s NBC logo.

Inside My Head was a proposed, but unproduced, hour-length program in 1969 for NBC's Experiment in Television series (which also featured The Cube). The concept intended to take on a "Limbo"-like approach in order to "gain new awareness and respect for the mind."[1]

Henson's pitch for Inside My Head was basically a live-action version of the Limbo sketch in which a conversation between a man and woman is played out inside the man's brain. Henson envisioned the brain as a set made up of "strange electronic pulses and rhythms ... a maze of fibers, membranes, and convoluted openings."[2] The program would use the same kind of quick-cut montages Henson had used for Limbo and other experimental films.

The visual representations for how the brain works, Henson explained, "would be based on all the known facts about the brain which are not only fascinating, but more amazing and wondrous anything a science fiction writer would invent."[2]

No television network expressed interest in the project.


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