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Inside Amy Schumer - Fever


Inside Amy Schumer is a sketch comedy television series created by and starring Amy Schumer. The series premiered in 2013 on Comedy Central.

According to a 2013 interview, Schumer says "much of who I am comedically came from the Muppets."[1]

Muppet Mentions

  • In the fourth season episode "Everyone for Themselves" (originally aired on June 9, 2016), Schumer recreated Rita Moreno's performance of "Fever" from The Muppet Show with Questlove taking on Animal's role as the overzealous drummer. Schumer introduced the segment on air as a tribute to The Muppet Show and proclaimed that the doing the performance was simply her own personal self-indulgence as the show entered it's fourth season. In a tweet during the initial broadcast, Schumer revealed it was a dream to recreate her favorite Muppet Show bit.[2]



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