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Inchworm (not to be confused with the song from Hans Christian Andersen, which was sung in two episodes of The Muppet Show) is a sketch that involved Kermit the Frog humming a tune (usually the song "Glow Worm", an alternate name for the sketch) while sitting on a wall. While he does this, a worm crawls to him and taps him. Kermit sees this worm and eats it. Another worm shows up and does the same thing (and Kermit eats it). The third time a worm shows up, Kermit catches it early, but it gets longer and longer until it's revealed to be the nose of Big V, who eats him. This sketch was performed many times for variety shows in the 1960s.

The sketch was performed in episode 204 of The Muppet Show, with Lenny the Lizard taking Kermit's place, being eaten by Gorgon Heap.

The animated Fraggle Rock series paid tribute to this sketch. In a few episodes, a Fraggle bug collector shows up in the background, picking up little worms from the ground. The worm turns out to be the trunk of a large monster.

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