Written by Albert Ketèlbey
Date 1920

"In a Persian Market" is a tune used twice on The Muppet Show. It depicts the Persian market through various themes representing the merchants' camel trains arriving and departing, beggars calling for money, jugglers and snake charmers performing, and so on.

The first use, in episode 312, was in the UK Spot as background for dancing snakes. It used an upbeat version of the first two sections of the piece (representing the arrival of the camels and the clamour of the beggars, and ending well before the section representing the snake charmer).

The second, in episode 518, was in a sketch featuring guest star Marty Feldman. After Gonzo (playing Aladdin) wishes for chicken dancing girls, this song plays in the background of their dance, only to be added in by several cops and eventually Animal running in to get the chickens. Again it used an upbeat version of the first two sections of the piece.

The tune was used as a music sting in a street scene from episode 2758 of Sesame Street.

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