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Il Muppet Show was the Italian dub of The Muppet Show. The series was broadcast over Italian channel RaiMundo and later over Canal Jimmy. In 2004, when Muppet Show DVDs were released in Italy, they featured a completely new dub, with Alberto Sette as the new voice of Kermit.


Character Italian Name Voice Actor
Kermit the Frog Kermit il Ranocchio Willy Moser
Miss Piggy Isa di Marzio (early episodes)
Roberto Del Giudice (later)
Fozzie Bear Gino Pagnani
Gonzo Franco Latini
Floyd Pepper
Zoot Zuth
Beaker Becco
Robin the Frog Alfredo
Dr. Julius Strangepork Dott. Stranasetola
Lew Zealand
The Swedish Chef Cuoco Svedese Franco Latini
(some segments, others undubbed)
Statler and Waldorf Hilton and Waldorf Mario Milita and Elio Pandolfi (early seasons)
Franco Latini and Mario Milita
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Dott. Bunsen Honeydew Elio Pandolfi
Rowlf Giancarlo Padoan
Sam the Eagle Sam l'aquila Vittorio Di Prima
Sylvester Stallone
The Newsman Il Giornalista Roberto Del Giudice

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