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Segments (incomplete)

  • Ernie and Bert: Bert explains to Ernie about before and after when eating cookies, which prompts Ernie to lose his appetite for dinner.
  • Cartoon: An arab tells about the things he has in his bag.
  • A film about how ice cream popsicles are made.
  • Marty figures out ways to make shapes with a chain.
  • Dot Bridge (last dot is late and travels through the others)
  • Dot Bridge (last dot shows up early)
  • Grover shows Herry how to make triangles.
  • Swinging Gibbon (music by Joe Raposo)
  • A film about birds making their nests.
  • Cartoon: A caveman pictures the things he can do with a rock in his mind.
  • Ernie and Bert: The World's Greatest Counter of Numbers.

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