Segments (incomplete)

  • A film about flowers.
  • Cartoon: A boy passes by the people at a library.
  • Insert: A circle around the planet Earth.
  • Cartoon: A photographer takes a care of a boy and his family.
  • Farley talks about the things he can do with his mind, until Herry Monster scares him away.
  • Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes and a monster use hot dogs to demonstrate "long" and "short".
  • A film about how plates are made.
  • Ernie's Ball Team.
  • Cartoon: A bird counts three balloons and pops only two of them, but gets tired before popping the third one.
  • A film featuring the closeup shots of animal skins.
  • Cartoon: A dog chases cat and they try to figure out ways to settle their differences.

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