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Segments (incomplete)

  • Cartoon: A woman asks a man if he's seen someone whom she makes fun of.
  • Ernie and Bert: Ernie is special
  • Cartoon: A boy reads the sign that says "EXIT".
  • Dot Bridge #1
  • A film about what a hand can do to the other hand.
  • Dot Bridge (last dot is late and travels through the others)
  • A film about how candy is made.
  • Cartoon: A man tries to reach the apples, but the other man uses the ladder to reach them.
  • A film about a baby horse.
  • Grover demonstrates Near and Far.
  • I Thought a Thought: Red things.
  • A film about what a nail is used for.
  • An Anything Muppet in a loud suit named Marty teaches Grover about adding and subtracting with three tangerines.
  • A stop-motion film about a deer roaming around the forest through evolution.

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