Segments (incomplete)

  • Animation about a bus stop.
  • Cookie Monster uses Ernie's phone. (4-part sketch)
  • A film about how rugs are made.
  • Cartoon: People rides the bus.
  • Cartoon: A boy and a dog became good friends.
  • A film about a jungle and its environment.
  • Cartoon: A cat chases a bird, but was stopped by a lion.
  • Cartoon: A mother hen hatches nine dragons.
  • A film about men on their horses.
  • Kermit's Lectures: Kermit talks about walls.
  • A film about a trip inside the wax museum.
  • Animation: Claymation about a man telling a child about the many occupations he had.
  • A film about orangutans.
  • Juanita helps some Anything Muppet kids (including Farley) make music.
  • Animation about how a rug is designed.

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