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Segments (incomplete)

  • The Ringmaster: 8 penguins.
  • A film about how corns are grown in the cornfield.
  • Two hands learn about the difference between a ping pong ball and an egg.
  • Cartoon: The sailboat's voyage through different weather conditions.
  • Cartoon: A giraffe explains what a stick of butter, a man playing a flute and a sailboat are all doing inside its throat.
  • A film about fruits that grows from trees.
  • Sesame Street News Flash: Reporter Kermit witness Sleeping Beauty (where Prince Charming falls asleep)
  • A stop-motion animation about an orange singing Carmen operas.
  • A film about how ice cream popsicles were made.
  • Grover, Herry Monster, Fenwick and other monsters all gather at one end, causing the boat to tip over.
  • A stop sign is used to tell cars when to stop.
  • Grover and the group of monsters gather on the other end, and the boat tips over again.
  • Cartoon: A mother ostrich hatches her eight eggs.
  • Grover and the other monsters spread out over the boat evenly, and they row away.
  • A film about children admiring the sunflowers.
  • A film about the closeup views of a canyon.

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