Segments (incomplete)

  • Cartoon: A girl visits a pet store to get her very own alligator.
  • A film about butterflies.
  • Ernie and Bert: Pizza and Grape Juice
  • Cartoon: A man sweeps the footprints of the centipede.
  • A film about a travel in the canyon.
  • Cartoon: A man plants three flowers.
  • Simon Soundman tries to buy a saw at Sam's General Store.
  • A film about subtraction of five ducks.
  • Cartoon: A man and monster both communicate in the dark.
  • A film about various birds and their feeding times.
  • A film about how rugs are made.
  • Prairie Dawn explains to Herry Monster about the similarities and differences between three shoes.
  • Cartoon: Subtraction of six UFOs.

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