Segments (incomplete)

  • Two Anything Muppets find they're exactly the same, except for their voices.
  • A film about how a mandolin is made.
  • Cartoon: A boy finds a sign that points to the left.
  • George the Farmer shows that four milk jugs are always four, no matter how they're arranged.
  • Cartoon: A clown tries to get a lion to go through the hoop.
  • A film about how cars are made.
  • A minstrel sings about a fox who outsmarts a crow. (artist: John Korty)
  • The Miss Muffet Play
  • A film of men and their horses playing polo.
  • Animation: Shape organization, part 1
  • Ernie and Bert: Ernie puts toys into groups.
  • Animation: Shape organization, part 2
  • A song about a mother mouse and its children.

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