Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1978
Publisher Fisher-Price
Series Talk-to-Me Books

I Wish I Had a Giraffe is a 1978 Sesame Street storybook released as part of the Fisher-Price "Talk-to-Me Books" series. Each page features small vinyl circles which, when played with a "Fisher-Price Talk to Me Book player," plays audio, allowing readers to hear as well as read the story.


Big Bird notices someone with a pet dog. That strikes up a conversation about what type of pets everyone on Sesame Street would like. Big Bird decides he would like a giraffe so he can look up to talk to someone instead of down. Other characters chime in on what type of pet they have or would like (Bert: pigeons, Ernie: Rubber Duckie, Herry Monster: a kitten, Oscar the Grouch: a pig, Cookie Monster: a kangaroo).