Songs from Sesame Street Japan
Released 2006
Format CD
Label Pony Canyon Records
Cat no. IPCA-30008

Released in 2006. The songs are performed in Japanese.

Track listing

  1. Sesame Street Theme - The Children
  2. HAHAHA (Elmo’s theme) - Elmo
  3. S.S.B. (Sesame Street Boys) - Hiro, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Mojabo
  4. Fun Rain - Teena, Meg and Grorie
  5. The Four Seasons of the Forest - Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Teena, Mojabo, Arthur, Pierre, Ari and Hiro
  6. I Wish I Could Fly (Big Bird's Theme) - Big Bird
  7. The Cookie Song (Cookie Monster’s Theme) - Cookie Monster
  8. The Cookie Overture - Cookie Monster
  9. The Counting Song - Arthur, Pierre, Elmo, Teena, Cookie Monster, Hiro and Ari
  10. The Various Color Song - Elmo, Arthur, Big Bird, Mojabo, Dario, Ari, Teena, Cookie Monster, Pierre and Grorie
  11. Elmo’s Picture Song - Elmo and Big Bird
  12. I Am Happy - Teena
  13. The Muscle Song (Mojabo’s Theme) - Mojabo
  14. The Time I Like Best (Teena's Theme) - Teena
  15. Sing - Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Teena, Mojabo, Arthur, Pierre, Ari, and Hiro
  16. I Will Be with You (Ending Theme Song) (Full Version) - Ayaka Hirahara

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