"I Know an Old Lady" is a song about an old lady who swallows a fly, followed by a series of other creatures that she swallows to catch the fly (and subsequent creatures), but the singer does not know why she swallowed a fly.

Pete Seeger sang this song with Oscar and the kids on the 1974 album, Pete Seeger & Brother Kirk Visit Sesame Street. Oscar's favorite part of the song is the part in which the old lady dies.

This song was sung by Judy Collins in episode 205 of The Muppet Show, with a silhouette of an old lady who appeared to do what the song says. Commentary was provided by Statler and Waldorf. After the song, and after making their decision, Waldorf notes that he swallowed his gum, and Statler tells him "How very dumb to swallow your gum".

A variation of this song, "There Was an Old Pirate", was sung by Mad Monty in the Muppet Treasure Island sing-along video, using shadow puppets.

Video releases

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