Music by Philip Balsam
Lyrics by Dennis Lee

"I'm a Little Stewpot" is a song from the Fraggle Rock episode "Boober Gorg." The song starts with Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, and Red trying to remind Boober of who he is and all the things that he loves, such as cooking, laundry, and killing germs. Their version revolves around the theme "I am Boober Fraggle." The title "I'm a Little Stewpot" comes from Boober's own confused version of the song where he believes that his name is "Laundry," his friends are germs, and he must cook Fraggles.

The music from this song is almost, but not quite, the same as the "Remembering Song." This is probably because both of the songs pertain to regaining one's memory.

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