Aardvark edited
Written by Joe Raposo
Date 1972
Publisher Jonico Music, Inc.
EKA Episode 0941

"I'm an Aardvark" is an original song written for Sesame Street by Joe Raposo. The song, which plays over live footage of an aardvark, is performed by Raposo in character as the animal. In the film insert, the aardvark sings his own praise, extols his own the virtues, and generally says how proud he is to be an aardvark. The insert was remade in the 1980s, with new footage set to the original soundtrack.

In airings during the late 90s, the song was often followed by Big Bird's musical rebuttal, "I'm No Aardvark, But I'm Still Proud," which is set to the same melody using slightly adjusted lyrics. (EKA: Episode 3273)

In Elmo's World: Wild Animals, when Dorothy imagines Elmo as an aardvark, he sings a portion of the song. (EKA: Episode 4038)


Video (original version)
Video (remade version)

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