Music by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek
Lyrics by Belinda Ward
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
Easy Reader Music.
First Episode 4271
Sesame Street "Lever Lover" with Sutton Foster

Sesame Street "Lever Lover" with Sutton Foster

"I'm a Lever Lover" is a Broadway-style Sesame Street song by Sutton Foster.

Elmo invites her to Hooper's Store to have some cake, but instead she finds fascination in the fork, saying it's a lever. She starts to sing about the importance of levers, showing examples all over the arbor where the whole cast joins in (including Gordon, Alan, Bob, Luis, Maria, Leela, Chris and the kids).

Asked by Entertainment Weekly about the song: "It’s about levers — about what a lever is and how it works. I came to Sesame Street to teach everyone about the different things in our lives that are levers and I sang a little song about it."[1]




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