Music by Stephen Lawrence
Lyrics by Belinda Ward
Date 2004
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
SJL Music Co.
First Episode 4100

"I'm Takin' a Break" is a Sesame Street song about the importance of relaxing every now and then. After a morning of playing tag with Elmo, Big Bird decides it’s best to take a short break. Although Elmo initially wants to keep playing, Big Bird explains to him, in song, how fun and refreshing it can be to just take a break. While they rest, they watch some kids ride their scooters, Zoe dancing, and Telly bouncing on his pogo stick. When the song ends, Big Bird is ready to continue the game of tag with Elmo.


Sesame Street Elmo And Big Bird Take A Break With Me01:47

Sesame Street Elmo And Big Bird Take A Break With Me

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