Hundekøbing is the Danish dub of Dog City. It was shown in the 90s on TvDanmark.

Translations and Voices

English Name Danish Name Danish Voice Actor
Ace Hart Ace Hart Peter Aude
Steven Steven
Mayor Kickbark Borgmesteren
Eliot Shag Eliot Shag Lars Thiesgaard
Bugsy Vile Bugsy Vile
Bruno Bruno
Bruiser Buller
Baron Von Rottweiler Baron Von Rottweiler
Colleen Barker Colleen Barker Michelle Bjørn-Andersen
Terri Springer Terri Springer
Kitty Kitty
Ms. Fluffé Fru Bluffe
Dot Dot
Eddie Eddie Vibeke Hastrup
Artie Springer Arne Springer Ann Hjort
Rosie O'Gravy Rose MacBlomst
Yves Yves Donald Andersen
Screwie Louie Skrue Louie

Additional voices

  • Timm Mehrens

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