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Sesame Hulu

2011 Holiday playlist. [1]

Hulu is an online video joint venture between FOX, General Electric's NBC, and The Walt Disney Company, with funding provided by Providence Equity Partners, that offers commercial supported streaming video of TV shows and movies officially released by networks and studios. Hulu videos are currently only accessible to users in the United States.

In October 2008, Sesame Workshop launched their own Sesame Street Hulu channel featuring over 100 video clips from the series [1] In December 2008, NBC released their television special A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa on Hulu for a limited time following the television broadcast premiere; and in January 2009, Columbia Pictures made the film Muppets From Space available for viewing on Hulu.

In July 2009, Sesame Workshop started a Hulu page for the original version of The Electric Company.

In November 2009, Hulu celebrated Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary by adding a collection of clips apparently hand-picked by the Sesame Street staff.

Muppet Programs on Hulu

  • "Sesame Street" (launched 10/17/08)
  • "Muppets from Space" (available 1/1/09 - 3/31/09)
  • "A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa" (available 12/18/08 - 12/31/08, 12/6/09 - unknown)

Sesame Street skits currently available for viewing

New on Sesame Street (29)

  • 30 Rocks (Hulu)
  • A Song About Elmo (Hulu)
  • Adam Sandler: Crunchy (Hulu)
  • Adrian Grenier: Season (Hulu)
  • Brendan Fraser: Speedy (Hulu)
  • Cameron Diaz Talks Trees With Grover (Hulu)
  • Cedric the Entertainer: Canteen (Hulu)
  • Christina Applegate: Booth (Hulu)
  • D: Dance (Hulu)
  • Debi Mazar: Humongous (Hulu)
  • Debra Messing: Nature (Hulu)
  • Elisabeth Hasselback: Camouflage (Hulu)
  • Eva Longoria: Exquisite (Hulu)
  • Jake Gyllenhaal: Separate (Hulu)
  • Jennie Garth: Garden (Hulu)
  • Jimmy Fallon: Inspect (Hulu)
  • Judah Freidlander: Spectacular (Hulu)
  • Just Between Us Girls (Hulu)
  • Kobe Bryant: Miniature (Hulu)
  • Mad Men (Hulu)
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal: Surprise (Hulu)
  • Matthew Fox: Bones (Hulu)
  • Meredith Viera: Hibernate (Hulu)
  • Mrs. Obama Plants Garden (Hulu)
  • Nancy Odell: Pollinate (Hulu)
  • Paul Rudd: Brilliant (Hulu)
  • Patricia Arquette: Metamorphosis (Hulu)
  • Ricky Gervais: Stumble (Hulu)
  • Tiki Barber: Quest (Hulu)

Muppets™ of Sesame Street (206)

  • A's Anatomy (Hulu)
  • A-B-C Hip Hop (Hulu)
  • A Doll for Elmo (Hulu)
  • Abby and Elmo pretend (Hulu)
  • Abby Cadabby Rescues An Elephant (Hulu)
  • Abby Cadabby Sings I Love Words (Hulu)
  • Abby Caddaby's Wand Magic With Elmo (Hulu)
  • Abby Studies Fairytales (Hulu)
  • All I Want for Christmas (Hulu)
  • Antonio Tickles Grover (Hulu)
  • Batty Bat (Hulu)
  • Born to Add (Hulu)
  • Exploring Outdoors (Hulu)
  • First and Last (1970 skit) (Hulu)
  • Mary Had a Little Lamb (w/ Don Music) (Hulu)
  • Muppets Sing About Danger (Hulu)
  • N-TV (Hulu)
  • Surprising the British (Hulu)
  • Spaceship Surprise Next Generation (Hulu)
  • Wet Paint (w/ How Now Brown and the Moo Wave: short version) (Hulu)

Celebrity Guests (109)

  • ABC Song With Tilly and the Wall (Hulu)
  • Alison Krauss is Fit as a Fiddle (Hulu)
  • Alphabet Song (w/ Ray Charles) (Hulu)
  • Al Roker: Family (Hulu)
  • Anderson Cooper Reports (Hulu)
  • Andrea Bocelli's Lullaby (Hulu)
  • A New Way to Walk (w/ Destiny's Child) (Hulu)
  • Arrested Development Sings Pride (Hulu)
  • B.B. King: the Letter B (Hulu)
  • Billy Crystal and Unbelieveable (Hulu)
  • Brian Williams: Squid (Hulu)
  • Chad Pennington: Prepared (Hulu)
  • Chad Pennington: Prepared (duplicate clip) (Hulu)
  • Christopher Reeve and Ernie (Hulu)
  • Christopher Reeve Goes to the Library (Hulu)
  • Cripple Creek (Hulu)
  • Danny Devito: Heh Heh Heh (Hulu)
  • Diane Sawyer: Expert (Hulu)
  • Elmo And The NY Jets (Hulu)
  • Elmo's World: Violins (Hulu)
  • Emotions With Margret Cho (Hulu)
  • Evelyn Glennie Plays the Drums (Hulu)
  • Fiest: 1 2 3 4 (Hulu)
  • From Your Head (Hulu)
  • Greg Kinnear: Machine (Hulu)
  • Howie Mandell: Ticklish (Hulu)
  • It All Adds Up (Hulu)
  • It's Almost Christmas (Hulu)
  • Itzhack Perlman Talks About Easy and Hard (Hulu)
  • I Want a Snuffy (Hulu)
  • Jack Black: Octagon (Hulu)
  • Jay Leno Prepares for a Ride (Hulu)
  • Kofi Annan Helps Out (Hulu)
  • Larry King Meets the Letter W (Hulu)
  • Lena Horne and Kermit Sing Bein' Green (Hulu)
  • Lena Horne and Muppets Sing the Alphabet (Hulu)
  • Little Richard Sings Rubber Duckie (Hulu)
  • Make It So Number One! (Hulu)
  • Matt Lauer Interviews Cookie Monster (Hulu)
  • Maya Angelou: N Your Name Is Natasha (Hulu)
  • Maya Stretches (Hulu)
  • Michelle Obama and Elmo - Healthy Habits (Hulu)
  • Pass the Football On 1 (Hulu)
  • Paul Simon Sings El Condor Pasa (Hulu)
  • Paul Simon Sings Me & Julio (Hulu)
  • Queen Latifah: the Letter O (Hulu)
  • Ray Charles Sings I Got A Song With Bert & Ernie (Hulu)
  • Ray Charles Sings the Alphabet (Hulu)
  • Sarah Jessica Parker: Pair (Hulu)
  • Sarah Jessica Parker: Sigh (Hulu)
  • Savion Glover Rhymes and Taps (Hulu)
  • Sheryl Crow: Soak Up the Sun (Hulu)
  • Sing (w/ various clips of versions of the song) (Hulu)
  • Stevie Wonder with Grover (Hulu)
  • Sugarland And Elmo (Hulu)
  • Tony Danza Jumps (Hulu)
  • Twenty Love With Tony Danza (Hulu)
  • U Really Got a Hold On Me (Hulu)
  • Whoopi's Skin and Elmo's Fur (Hulu)
  • Yo Yo Ma: The Jam Session (Hulu)

Animations and Shorts (94)

  • 1 Limerlick (Hulu)
  • 12 and Pinball Animation (Hulu)
  • Alligator King (Hulu)
  • Back and Front Frankenstein (Hulu)
  • B Is for Bubble (Hulu)
  • Cookie Containulator (Hulu)
  • Capoeira Dance Class (Hulu)
  • Find the Number 14 (Hulu)
  • Geometry of Circles (Hulu)
  • Hat, Coat, and Pants (Hulu)
  • I - in the Sky Song (Hulu)
  • Me Girl and Witch (Hulu)
  • Number One and Only (Hulu)
  • Pumpkins on Halloween (Hulu)
  • Queen of Six (Hulu)
  • The Wheels Go Round (Hulu)
  • Twiddlebugs and Paperclip (Hulu)
  • Valentine - I Love You (Hulu)


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