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Written by Joe Raposo
Date 1973
Publisher Jonico Music Inc.
First Episode 0536
Sesame Street Lena Teaches Grover To Say "How Do You Do?"03:52

Sesame Street Lena Teaches Grover To Say "How Do You Do?"

Lena Horne sings "How Do You Do?" to Grover.

Sesame Street Baby Bear sings "How Do You Do?"01:36

Sesame Street Baby Bear sings "How Do You Do?"

Baby Bear's version

For this number, Lena Horne notices that Grover is shy. Grover explains that while he does know Lena, he doesn't know her well. Lena helps him overcome his shyness by singing "How Do You Do?", in which she talks about various ways to greet somebody. Grover repeats these steps, and eventually, he is no longer shy.

Clips from this segment appear in Sesame Street's All-Star 25th Birthday.

After the death of Lena Horne, a clip featuring her appearance from her musical number with Grover was shown at the 2010 Emmy Awards Ceremony honoring those who passed away that year.

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