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Hoob Culture

  • Hoobs - furry, inquisitive creatures from Hoobland
  • Twizzletuft - the fluffy knot on a Hoob's head
  • Hoobledigger - a special hooby act of affection involving the rubbing of noses
  • Hoobledangler is a cork on the end of a string. Nothing makes Hoobs laugh more than a hoobledangler.
  • Hoobybooboo - a mistake
  • Hooby stitcher upper - a Hoob sewing machine
  • Hooby see more - a telescope
  • Hooby pods - where hoobs sleep
  • Hoobledoop! - "hello!"
  • Hoobledoop! Hoobledoop! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! - a more elaborate "hello" with accompanying gestures and much clapping
  • Hoobletoodledoo! - "goodbye!" (incorporated with the special hooby wave)
  • Hoobygalooby! - "good grief! Wow!"
  • Hoob Hoob Hurray! - "hip hip hurray!"
  • Hoobledoobledooper - "super!"
  • Hooby Run and Yell is a popular Hoob game. It is a two-player game in which one Hoob runs and the other yells.
  • Hoobygroovy - "really cool!"
  • Hoobacious - "marvellous!"
  • Hoobelly groobelly - "lovely!"
  • Fantabihooby - "truly fantastic!"
  • Fantabbytroobellygroobellyhoobellygroovydooble-atious - the best compliment one can give a hoob
  • Twizzle-tuft Days are somewhat like the Hoob equivalent to a birthday.

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