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Written by Caleb Burroughs
Illustrator Sue DiCicco
Published 2007
Publisher Publications International
Series First Look and Find
ISBN 1412787122

Hide & Seek, Near & Far is a "First Look and Find" book featuring Grover and Elmo traveling around the world to seven countries. In each country, they find interesting things to look at.

In a desert in Egypt, Grover and Elmo find pyramids, a camel and a mummy.

On a mountain in Tibet, they find a monastery, with a monk, a yak and a snow leopard.

A small town in China is celebrating Chinese New Year, and they see a panda, a rickshaw, and some bamboo.

In the Australian outback, they see a boomerang, a kookaburra, and a didgeridoo.

In the Costa Rica rainforest, they see a snake, a jaguar and a mango.

In a meadow in Canada, they see a maple leaf, a loon and a mountie.

Finally, in Paris, France, they see the Eiffel Tower, a fountain and a painter.

Cameo appearances

Characters from international Sesame Street co-productions appear in two of the scenes. The cameos are surprises for readers who happen to spot them; they're not specifically acknowledged in the text.


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