Het Rijksmuseum

Nachtwacht (1)

Concept Art for the tour by Paul Bokdam

'Het Rijksmuseum' in Amsterdam is one of 16 Dutch national museums dedicated to arts and history. The museum is located at the Museum Square in the borough Amsterdam South, close to the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and the Concertgebouw.

Most famous painting in the museum is Rembrandt van Rijn's the Night Watch. Which was visited by Barack Obama and the prime minister of The Netherlands Mark Rutte on March 25 2014.

Sesamstraat's Audiotour sounds through Rijksmuseum. It is a special tour for childeren. In 2001 they made a special audiotape with the tour on it, that you can rent (with a walkman) for €2,50. But it was all in Dutch. The text was written by Chris Winsemius

You could choose between a tape with Pino, Tommie or Ieniemienie and they are helped by Lot from Sesamstraat. They all show you `De Nachtwacht´ (The Nightwatch) and many more famous paintings through a special journey. This is done with jokes, games and they even wrote a special song for when a child is standing infront of `De Nachtwacht´! "Hello, I am Pino. And specially for Lot´s birthday I´ve made a beautiful painting! It hangs somewhere in this museum. But when you follow the paintingdrops on the floor.... you will find it!" And with these words, the tour began.

In 2004 the audiotour got updated. It was become availble in 7 languages and was now digital on an mp3 player this time. The tour now could be listened to in: Nederlands, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian en Japanse. In this version you hear mainly Tommie and meneer Aart Hello, I am Tommie, what is your name?, the tour audio starts with.. And regarding the name of the young visitor is, The forgetfull Tommie calles him or her 'Dinges' (Thingy). Meanwhile meneer Aart tries on a good and educational way to teach the history of art. Tommie and the young museumvisitor have a private talk about a girl in one of Johannes Versponck painting from 1641 and Purk is filling his diaper in the meantime. The tour ends at De Nachtwacht (The Night Watch), with Het Nachtwachtlied (The Night Watch Song). The aditional was Het Nachtwachtlied specially written for this.

For the 30th anniversary celebration of Sesamstraat in 2005, The Rijksmuseum had on it's website a specially created game called Waar Zitten Ze? (Where Are They?). There you could interactively search for the characters in famous paintings. They where digitially hidden behind persons or things and appeare when your mouse went over that object or person.

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