Het Ei (The Egg) is the 30-minute 25th anniversary episode of Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street. It aired on January 4th, 2001.

Hakim tells a special story about the day Sesamstraat's 25th birthday and the show was almost cancelled.

Sien's grocery store is 25 years old. The Sesamstraat neighbors want to prepare a special surprise party for Sien and send her on vacation for a few days. Pino wants to help, but everybody thinks he's too young. In the forest, Pino meets a Fairy Godmother, who tells him the party can't go on without him. She gives him a magic egg that contains everything you need for a party. She asks Pino to take good care of the egg, and give it to Sien when she returns: the party will appear when she says the magic word "Aquamarana!" But it has to be kept a secret.

This proves to be very difficult, because the egg seems to be growing so big that Pino can't hide it anymore. Luckily, Tommie and Ieniemienie find out about his problems, and they offer help. But Aart, who is in charge of the feast, takes the egg away for his boiled egg recipe!

When Sien returns, the party preparations are not going too well. Luckily, Pino, Tommie and Ienie manage to stop Aart and tell Sien the magic word in time. The party can still go on!

The special was written by Ries Moonen and directed by Jan Riem. It also aired at the end of the season as a part of the Hamertje Tik Jubileumkwis anniversary special.