Joanne Barkan and Jon Friedman as beech trees, with Lauren Attinello and Dan Chneider as "Surf and Turf" in lower insert, and Bruce Morozco with a two-faced mask in upper insert.

The Henson Company Masquerade Balls began in 1984 in New York City as a way for Jim Henson to celebrate the creativity of the company on all levels. The balls were held for four years, with the final two held at the Waldorf-Astoria. The events were open to all staff, from accounting to the building staff, with many attendees wearing elaborate costumes.

In the Picture-in-Picture commentary on the Labyrinth Blu-ray, Cheryl Henson cites the company balls as inspiration for the Masquerade Ball sequence in Labyrinth. In the same featurette, Kevin Clash recounts a prank Steve Whitmire and Richard Hunt pulled on Jim Henson, in which Whitmire came dressed as an aspiring writer, concealing his identity the guests of the party.





  1. 5/7/1983 – ’1st Masked Ball – second ave. Gothic House’ Jim Henson's Red Book

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