Henry Moo-re
PERFORMER Warrick Brownlow-Pike
DEBUT 2014

Henry Moo-re is the world's best cow sculptor who visits The Furchester Hotel in the episode "The Sculpture."

He builds an abstract likeness of Funella Furchester, and gives strict warning not to touch it, for it is fragile and will break. The sculpture manages to survive Cookie Monster trying to eat the cookie on the scuplture, Mrs. Inkwell, a squid guest, touching it with her many tentacles, a demonstration by Funella of what not to do, and a run in with The Tea Time Monsters. Henry fears for it's safety and Furgus Fuzz builds a big wall around it, which also prevents it from being seen, before accidentally toppling it with after putting a ladder on the wall. The Furchesters put it back together wrong, but Henry loves it anyway.

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