Henny Vrienten

Henny Vrienten is a vocalist and bass guitar player born at 27 July 1948 in Hilvarenbeek (the Netherlands). From 1969 till 1970 he was a member of the beatgroup Les Crushes. From 1974 till 1976 he performed solo as Ruby Carmichael and from 1977 till 1978 as Paul Santos. In 1980 he joined Doe Maar with which he had big success being teen-idols. Even so much success the band disbanded in 1984. The band is still know as one of the most famous in the Netherlands that ever was. Since 1987 he also is a member of The Magnificent Seven, a band that playes for theater shows.

Vrienten won several prizes in his carreer.

  • 1996 Zilveren Harp (Silver Harp) for his whole œuvre
  • 1996 Gouden Kalf (Golden Kalf) for the professional award in Filmmusic
  • 2001 Gouden Kalf (Golden Kalf) for the professional award in Filmmusic

Also he is known as a cinematic composer and a poetry fanatic. So it was no wonder he would be the succesor of Harry Bannink. He had the honor to become the follow-up of this famous Dutch composer, who himself picked Vrienten for the music of Sesamstraat just before his death in 1999. Just like Bannink, Vrienten can pull a whole scala of music styles loosley from his sleeve and he isn't affraid to use funny elements in his lyrics without making it childish. He uses lots of different styles like country, but makes it his specific sound by using just his own wisstle or second voice. Also his typical Doe Maar-like quires are very recognizable.

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