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*[[User:GonzosNoze|Julian]] (GonzosNoze)
*[[User:GonzosNoze|Julian]] (GonzosNoze)
*[[User:Jbrangwynne53|Jon]] (Jbrangwynne53)
*[[User:Radionate|Nate]] (Radionate)
[[Category:Muppet Wiki]]
[[Category:Muppet Wiki]]

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How to use Muppet Wiki

Adding to pages

Policies and Guidelines

  • Policies and Guidelines -- A collection of summaries from community discussions in which we decided on a particular way of doing things.

How to Contact Administrators

  • Jon (Jbrangwynne53)
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Getting Started
Where & how to get started on Wikia
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How to contribute and format content
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Community Management
Admin tools, role & management tips
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Advanced extensions, editing tools and admin tools
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Theme designer, CSS, JS, wikia design
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Intro to mobile optimization and products

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