Hein Boele (b. 1939) dubs the voices of Elmo, Benny Rabbit, and Sherlock Hemlock (formerly voiced by Peter Piekos) on Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street. He also dubbed Gobo Fraggle's voice for the animated Fraggle Rock series.

In a 2015 intervieuw Hein explains the troubles he had with using to Elmo's new voice and rythm, when Kevin Clash took over the role from Richard Hunt. His uptempo in speaking and unpredictedness was not easy to get used too. But after a while he had maneged handeling the dubbing. Hein was surprised hearing from Kevin himself, that in Kevin's opinion, Hein's Elmo was one of the best he had heared on international level.

His non-Henson work includes dubbing voices in animated movies like Disney's Atlantis and The Rescuers Down Under, recording audiobooks, and playing many minor roles in TV series and movies. Boele also provided Rabbit's Dutch voice in Winnie the Pooh productions and Eleroo in The Wuzzles.

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