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He, She and It is a series of animated Sesame Street segments featuring a boy, Heathcliff (whose shirt has the word "He" written on it), a girl, Sheila (whose shirt has the word "She" written on it), and an animal, called the It (who has the word "it" written on its fur). These segments focus on how a common object works, with Heathcliff and Sheila giving silly explanations before the It talks about how the object really works.

Ten segments were produced. They were animated by Whitney Lee Savage. Heathcliff was voiced by his son, Adam Savage.[1]


Heathcliff thinks that faucets rain on the inside when turned on, while Sheila thinks that turning a faucet on causes ice to melt on the inside.
  • Tricycle
  • Harmonica
Heathcliff and Sheila attempt to play the harmonica, making sounds not typically made from harmonicas. The It then explains how a harmonica works, and teaches them how to play the harmonica.
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  • Scales
Heathcliff and Sheila both think a dragon is needed to make a scale work.
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