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Released 1972
Format LP
Label Columbia Records
Cat no. CC 25506
Havin Fun LP back
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Havin' Fun with Ernie & Bert is a 1972 Sesame Street album in which Ernie, Bert and their friends get together to play games and sing songs. The songs from this album were also released simultaneously as seven consecutively numbered singles, packaged as individual book and record sets. It was also released as a "Carry About" boxed set of 45s, although the song groupings on each record were different from the individual single releases.

The original issue had a fold-out cover which had a map relating to "The Magic Cookie." There was also a plastic color wheel to be used during "Just Three Colors." The album was later re-issued in a cheaper cover without the fold-out or color wheel, and the references to these on the record were edited out.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Lots of Stuff - Ernie & Bert and Everybody
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  2. Marching Song - Big Bird, Ernie & Bert and Everybody
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  3. The Listening Game - Ernie & Bert and Cookie Monster
    Written by Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl
  4. Just Three Colors - Big Bird and Oscar
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  5. Name the Animal - Ernie, Grover, and Everybody
    Written by Jerry Juhl
  6. Y'all Fall Down - Big Bird, Ernie & Bert and Grover
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  7. Imagination - Ernie
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  8. Clink, Clank - Bert
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
    Side Two
  9. Tiger Hunt - Ernie and Mr. Tiger
    Written by Jerry Juhl
  10. Simple Song - Oscar, Big Bird, Grover, Ernie and Friends
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  11. The Magic Cookie - Herbert Birdsfoot, Cookie Monster and The Magic Cast
    Written by Jerry Juhl
  12. Pat Pat Patty Pat - Bert, Herbert Birdsfoot, Big Bird, Prairie Dawn, Grover and Ernie
    Music by Joe Raposo, Lyrics by Jerry Juhl
  13. Grover Takes a Walk - Grover
    Written by Jerry Juhl
  14. The Drawing Song - Ernie & Bert, Prairie Dawn, Farley, and Everybody
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo
  15. Put It Away - Ernie & Bert and Everybody
    Music and Lyrics by Joe Raposo


  • Although the front cover and label shows the title as "Havin' Fun with Ernie & Bert", the spine shows it as "Havin' Fun with Ernie and Bert".
  • The album was recorded in late July 1972.[1]


Production credits

Other releases

International releases


  1. "Jim Henson's Red Book" entry, 7/25-28/1972 – Record Ernie and Bert album.

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