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The Wookie Monster and friends

Hardware Wars is an eleven minute short film spoofing Star Wars, with stentorian narration by Paul Frees. The film, in the form of a "coming attraction" trailer, features broad spoofs of Luke Skywalker (Fluke Starbucker), C-3PO (4-Q-2, who looks like the Tin Man), and R2-D2 (Artie Deco) amongst others. The Chewbacca equivalent is "Chewchilla the Wookie Monster," a brown googly-eyed hand puppet and Cookie Monster look-alike. The Wookie Monster mostly growls, pantomimes, rolls his googly eyes, and in one scene, hungrily gnaws on the coiled sticky buns adorning Princess Anne-Droid's hair.


The film was made by several San Francisco based artists who also worked on Sesame Street animated inserts.

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