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Segments with their own pages

Acrobat Pigs

Animal Rock Band

Clown Honking

Colorblock grid

Kids count themselves in colorblock grids. These segments appeared as early as seasons 24 and 25, and feature the same cast from the "Floating Kids" segments.

Computer Matching

A series of films where a girl plays a matching game to find the number of the day on the computer.

Dancing Petroglyphs

Dancing with Kids

Growing Numbers

A series of stop-motion animated segments, featuring ornate cutouts of numbers from 1 to 20 growing from and receding into the surface in a variety of park and city scenes. The segments appeared by Season 23 at earliest.

The various installations in the series differ chiefly by the amount of film being shown.

Jane Aaron segments

An assortment of live-action segments created by Jane Aaron, featuring ornate numbers on outdoor locations, becoming animated usually through the use of "pixellation" effects. Several segments featured brief rock jingles written by Christopher Cerf,[1]while others simply showed the number (attached to a metal rod) swinging across the screen.

Kid Mural Painting

A series of films where kids paint a huge mural of the number of the day on a huge sheet of paper in time lapse form at a park. In between, the kids show the number of the day either on their hands or feet.

Marching Band

Masked March

Animated creatures donning ancient masks walk across the screen carrying numbers 1-20. Produced in Season 26, the music featured is the composition "Parade of Numbers" arranged by Ken Field, and performed by The Revolutionary Snake Ensemble.[2] Called "Parade of Numbers" on the Sesame Street Video Player.

Milo Counting

A series of segments where a man in an outdoor scene holds and presents sequential numbers from 1 to up to 13. The respective scenes for each number use "pixellation" effects, with the man often taking part in improbable activities such as emerging from a lake or sliding across a field. Caleb Sampson composed the score for each segment.

Number Astronauts

Number Creatures

An Emmy-award winning series of computer animated segments featuring stylized numbers ending from 13 to 20. The segments were written, directed and animated by Merrill Aldighieri, and were produced for CTW by Arlene Sherman. The music for the segments was composed by Fred Reed.

Numbers in Outer Space

OK, We Got a Hip-Hop Beat

Rap Animation

A series of recurring cartoons in which various collections of objects such as shapes, cookies, fingers, and units of time are totaled, narrated by a child's hip-hop lyrics describing and rhyming the items at hand.

Rubber Stamp

These segments consisted of numbers interacting with stamped images, and first appeared in Season 21.

Sally Cruikshank Animated Segments

Salty and Pierre

Salty and Pierre, a salt shaker and pepper shaker have adventures by looking for the number of the day

Swedish Number Cartoons




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