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Written by  Elizabeth Winthrop
Illustrator  Maggie Swanson
Published  1984
Publisher  Western Publishing
Series  A Growing Up Book
ISBN  0307120104

Grover Sleeps Over is a 1984 Sesame Street storybook featuring Grover.

After receiving an invitation to spend the night at Betty Lou's house, Grover is apprehensive about his first night away from home, and he questions whether Betty Lou has a night light and whether she will tell scary ghost stories. Grover's Mommy reassures him that he will feel at home at the sleepover. Betty Lou and Grover have a great time playing, and at bedtime they realize that neither of them knows any ghost stories anyway. Upon returning home the next day, Grover is already planning the next sleepover.

The book also features Betty Lou's Mommy.


  • Grover's favorite cereal is Monsterberry Crunch.
  • Grover has a furry blue stuffed monster "Lovey."
  • Grover has an unnamed pet goldfish, and Betty Lou owns Paws the orange kitten and an unnamed turtle.


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