Grouches on parade
Written by Constance Allen
Illustrator Tom Brannon
Published 1995
Publisher Golden Books
Series Magic Corner Books
ISBN 0307760324

Grouches on Parade is a 1995 Sesame Street Magic Corner storybook featuring Oscar the Grouch and the Grouches. In the brief story, Oscar leads a marching band of five Grouches, playing grouchy melodies on a beaten-up trombone, a spring, a pan and spoon, a squeaky cat toy and a washboard and brush. The band irritates a small, non-Grouch crowd gathered outside 123 Sesame Street, and then continues on their way.

On each page, the reader can press the button in the blue plastic Magic Corner, and hear a sound clip. There are four sounds, played at random.

Besides Oscar, there are six Grouches in the book, who aren't named. The green Grouch with yellow hair may be Grundgetta.

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