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Songs from Sesamstrasse
Released 1995
Format CD
Label Europa
Cat no. 74321 29871 2

Grobi und seine Freunde (Grover and His Friends) is a Sesamstrasse album featuring Grover. The subtitle reads "Grobis Schönste Geschichten", which means "Grover's most beautiful stories."

Track listing

  1. Der Die Das (Sesamstrasse Thema)
  2. Grober im Monster-Schnelldienst (Grover in the Monster Express Service)
  3. Grobis Restaurant: Alles Ausverkauft (Waiter Grover: All Out of Food)
  4. Grobis Restaurant: Käsebrötchen mit Gurke (Grover's Restaurant: Cheese Rolls with cucumber)
  5. Supergrobi: Die Zerrissene Einkaufstüte (Supergrover: The ripped shopping bag)
  6. Bade Tips (Bath Tips)
  7. Ernie Erklärt Hoffnung (Ernie explains hope)
  8. Was tu'ich, bin mal allen? (What Do I Do When I'm Alone?)
  9. Ernies Gefühle-Spiel (Ernie's Feelings Game)
  10. Das Echospiel (The Echo Game)
  11. Grobis Restaurant: Fliege in der Suppe (Waiter Grover: Fly in the Soup)
  12. Krümelmonster in der Bücherei (Cookie Monster at the Library)
  13. Grobis Restaurant: Hühner-Sandwich (Waiter Grover: Chicken Sandwich)
  14. Das Alfabet-Geheimnis (The Alphabet Secret)
  15. Monster im Spiegel (Monster in the Mirror)

Other releases

  • 74321 29871 4 (Europa cassette)


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