Fireman Greg Lee serving stew to Big Bird

Greg Lee (b. 1962) is an actor and comedian who hosted the PBS geography game show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego from 1991 to 1996, opposite Lynne Thigpen as the Chief. Lee had previously appeared in the video Sesame Street Home Video Visits the Firehouse, as a fireman.

Greg Lee began his television career co-hosting the Nickelodeon game show Total Panic, and also supplied the voice of pompous Mayor (later Principal) Bob White in the animated series Doug and related productions. As an actor, he guest starred on The Drew Carey Show, The District (starring Thigpen), The George Lopez Show, and the CTW series GhostWriter, and played electrician Rick in the pilot episode of NewsRadio (replaced by Joe Rogan for the series). Film credits include The Giving Tree, Doug's First Movie, and the 2004 short film Chaos Theory.

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