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Cover art by Mike Frith.
Written by  Matt Robinson
Illustrator  Edward Koren, Joseph Mathieu, John Trotta, Stan Mack
Published  1972
Publisher  Random House
Series  Sesame Street Storybooks
ISBN  0-394-82406-7

Unlike the other Sesame Street Storybooks, Matt Robinson's Gordon of Sesame Street Storybook features no Sesame Street characters and instead offers four short morality tales, each crafted to teach a specific point of good manners, courtesy, safety, or willingness to reach out to others for help.

The "Fisher-Man" story contains the first Sesame Street illustrations drawn by Joe Mathieu.


A Lot of Hot Water had been published previously in 1971 as a separate book titled Gordon of Sesame Street Tells a Story : A Lot of Hot Water. The paperback edition contained an accompanying 45 rpm record.

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