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Goodnight Keith Moon

Goodnight Keith Moon (ISBN 0956011926) is a parody of Goodnight Moon by Bruce Worden and Clare Cross published in 2011. It is a retelling of the Goodnight Moon story with elements changed to fit into the life of The Who drummer Keith Moon.

A two-page illustrated spread depicts a room with Moon sleeping on a bed, passed out with beer bottles and vomit surrounding him. The room is filled with various bits of paraphernalia including a trashed drumset, a pinball machine, and an Animal doll on top of a bookcase. The scene is representative of the party lifestyle of a rock n' roll star, particularly the out-of-control aspect of Moon's personality as seen in the public eye. The inclusion of Animal alludes to a persistent rumor that the Muppet was based on Moon despite the lack of evidence for the claim.

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