Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1989
Publisher Festival Attractions, Inc.
EKA Episode 2895

"Goodbye Fly" is a song about a fly who annoys the residents of Sesame Street. It lands on Gordon's toe ("and I wanted it to go!"); it lands on Maria's knee ("I was mad as can be!"); it lands on Luis' thigh ("and I wanted to cry!"); it flew on Big Bird's chest ("and it wasn't the best!"); it flew on Bob's nose ("that's the worst, I suppose!"); and it flew in Gina's hair ("and it just wasn't fair!"). They urge the fly to "listen to my song... fly back where you belong!"

The song was later remade in the mid 90's, with Celina, Carlo and Ruthie replacing Maria, Luis and Bob, respectively. (EKA: Episode 3348)

Miles, Gabi, Zoe, and Rosita later performed the song in a 2002 episode.

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