Music by Galt MacDermot
Lyrics by James Rado and Gerome Ragni
Date 1967
Source Hair (musical)
Publisher EMI U Catalog Inc.
First Episode 0003

"Good Morning Starshine" was performed as a cover during the first season of Sesame Street. Bob sings the song near a brick wall to a Reddish-Magenta Anything Muppet girl, then is joined by a group of hippies (including one bearded hippie). At the song's end, the nighttime sky behind them illuminates with sunlight.



  • The hippies (minus the Green one) were also seen holding up the Sesame Street sign and CTW sign at the end of some early episodes. In addition, the same three characters appeared in an early sketch demonstrating "forward" and "backward" with the early Grover and a Hot Pink Anything Muppet leading the lecture. All the Muppets in this song later appeared in a cover of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.



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