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Released: Fall 2003

Series: 5

Articulation: Neck, ball joint shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees

Accessories: Camilla pack-in figure, trumpet, box of chocolates, base

From: The Muppet Show

Classic purple tux Gonzo and his chicken girlfriend Camilla were featured in the fifth series of Palisades Toys' Muppet figures. He looks a lot better and more detailed than his precursor from series 2, the Stuntman Gonzo Action Figure.

Camilla has a moving neck and moving legs. The heart shaped box has a removable lid to reveal the chocolates.

Two rare industry giveaway exclusives, the Gold Tuxedo Gonzo Action Figure and the Dream Date Gonzo Action Figure in a light blue tux, were variations of this figure. A few months later, an exclusive Tuxedo Gonzo Action Figure in a black tuxedo was sold at a convention, with another chicken pack-in, Bernice. In 2005, a Checkered Suit Gonzo Action Figure with a brown and a gray chicken was sold at the Palisades Collector's Club as an introduction pack.

Palisades also produced a Mega Gonzo Action Figure, and an exclusive Mega Camilla Action Figure.

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