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A list of Gonzo's openings during "The Muppet Show Theme" on The Muppet Show, and in some later spin-offs.

Season One

During the first season, Gonzo hit the Muppet Show sign's letter O like a gong, with the following results...

Picture Episode Description
Gonzo gong
Episode 101: Juliet Prowse
The O explodes; Gonzo is completely blackened.
Episodes 102, 110 and 113
The O breaks with a shattering sound.
Episode 103: Joel Grey
Gonzo misses the "O" and falls down.
Episode 104: Ruth Buzzi
The sign goes up, Gonzo misses the "O" and falls down.
Episodes 105 and 108
Gonzo gives the "O" such a big bang that he can't stop shaking.
Episode 106: Jim Nabors
The white circle inside the "O" is gone, so Gonzo hits his own head
Episode 107: Florence Henderson
The sign goes up in the air after Gonzo hits it.
Episode 109: Charles Aznavour
The "O" makes a Big Ben sound.
Episode 111: Lena Horne
The "O" makes a foghorn sound.
Episode 112: Peter Ustinov
Gonzo's mallet gets stuck between the "S" and "H" and breaks.
Episode 114: Sandy Duncan
Gonzo beats the "O" with his own head.
115 gonzo fights O
Episode 115: Candice Bergen
Gonzo hits the "O" with a boxing glove and gets the sound of a ringside bell.
Episodes 116 and 121
Beautiful Day Monster appears in front of the "O" and Gonzo hits him accidentally.
Episodes 117 and 122
The Green Frackle hits Gonzo with a mallet.
Episodes 118 and 123
Crazy Harry causes an explosion.
Episodes 119 and 124
Gonzo shoots the "O" with a blunderbuss.
Episode 120: Valerie Harper
Gonzo knocks himself on the head with a sledgehammer.

Season Two

From season 2 onwards, Gonzo would appear inside the Muppet Show sign's letter "O" and try to blow a note on his horn, with the following results...

Picture Episode Description
Episode 201: Don Knotts
Gonzo's horn shoots a flame (Gonzo: "I'm sorry!")
Episode 202: Zero Mostel
Sparks and smoke fly out of Gonzo's horn
Episodes 203 and 214
Gonzo's horn squirts water
Episode 204: Rich Little
A balloon comes out of Gonzo's horn
Episode 205: Judy Collins
Gonzo's horn makes a flute sound
Episode 206: Nancy Walker
Gonzo's horn fires off two gun shots
Episode 207: Edgar Bergen
Gonzo's horn makes an exploding sound and blows Gonzo away
Episodes 208 and 215
Green smoke comes out of Gonzo's horn (Gonzo: "Green smoke!")
Episode 209: Madeline Kahn
Orange smoke comes out of Gonzo's horn; Gonzo 'scrunches his nose'
Episode 210: George Burns
Gonzo's horn makes an exploding sound
224 horn
Episodes 211 and 224
Gonzo's horn makes a deep sound as red smoke comes out; Gonzo coughs
Episode 212: Bernadette Peters
A balloon comes out of Gonzo's horn and pops
Episode 213: Rudolf Nureyev
A balloon comes out of Gonzo's horn and inflates after he stops blowing

Episodes 216 and 220
Gonzo's horn flies away (Gonzo: "Come back here!"). First season Gonzo puppet used.
217 horn
Episode 217: Julie Andrews
Gonzo's trumpet glows in the dark
Episodes 218 and 221
Crazy Harry blows Gonzo up
Episode 219: Peter Sellers
Beautiful Day Monster blows a tuba
Episode 222: Teresa Brewer
Gonzo's trumpet shoots two flames (Gonzo: "I'm sorry... Sorry!")
Episode 223: John Cleese
Perfect note comes out of Gonzo's horn (Gonzo shakes his head, as if in annoyance. The audience cheers!)

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five


Audio Appearances

Season 1 replacements

When The Muppet Show was repackaged for re-runs, the opening theme for season one episodes was replaced with a version of the theme as it was re-shot for subsequent seasons. In these instances, Gonzo's trumpet gag is recycled from another episode.

Other Projects

MMW Gonzo soccer ball
  • Muppets Inside: Gonzo plays a terrific solo, presumably the one he'd been trying to play all these years. Gonzo: "Ha! Didn't think I could do it, did ya?"

The Muppet Show Comic Book

Gonzo comic O

Gonzo's antics within the title have continued on into The Muppet Show's comic book series. We will not count other muppets occupying the O.

Meet the Muppets

The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson

On the Road

Family Reunion

  • Issue #4: Gonzo's nose gets stuck in a didgeridoo.
  • Issue #5: A duck comes out of the horn.
  • Issue #6: Two fishing hooks fall through the "O."
  • Issue #7: Gonzo appears in scuba gear blowing into a seashell.

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