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Characters and alter-egos assumed by Gonzo in Muppet productions.

Picture Production Notes
The Black Knight
The Muppet Show
episode 305
Gonzo plays a knight who jousts with Floyd in a Camelot number.
The Sheriff of Nottingham
The Muppet Show
episode 323
Gonzo plays the bad guy in an adaptation of Robin Hood. He was also seen as the character in illustrated form in Jocelyn Stevenson's book, Robin Hood.
Dearth Nadir
The Muppet Show
recurring role
The villain of Star Wars (sort of) invaded the Swinetrek in episode 402, and kidnapped Chewbacca in episode 417.
Mad Hatter
The Muppet Show
episode 506
Gonzo takes on the role of the Mad Hatter backstage and in the tea party scene. He was seen again in a similar likeness for The Muppet Show Comic Book #3.
a mummy
The Muppet Show
episode 516
Gonzo sings "Night and Day" with some mummies and sarcophagi.
Whistler's Mother
Miss Piggy's Art Masterpiece Calendar
Gonzo in "Arrangement in Gray and Black with Creep" (as well as an illustrated version in Muppet Art: 1999 Calendar).
The Jim Henson Hour
Gonzo's mirror double from outer space (pictured on the far right), only seen once on the first episode of The Jim Henson Hour.
"fairy god-thing" Gonzo
Disneyland's 35th Anniversary Celebration
Gonzo as Cinderella's "fairy god-thing".
Charles Dickens
The Muppet Christmas Carol
Gonzo in period garb as the 19th century novelist.
Axl Rose
Muppet Trading Cards
Gonzo as the Guns N' Roses lead singer.
Muppet Classic Theater
Gonzo with goat-legs and horns as a wish-granting creature in the story of King Midas.
Muppet Classic Theater
Gonzo as the strange man with the long name, which is not Ralph Lauren.
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Muppet Classic Theater
Cabin Boy Gonzo
Muppet Treasure Island
Gonzo, faithful friend to Jim Hawkins, lived in 18th century Bristol, England.
a bat
Muppets Tonight episode 108
Gonzo is costumed appropriately for a role in his own musical, "Bats."
Muppet Monster Adventure
Gonzo is transformed into a vampire in Muppet Monster Adventure.
Dr. Nose
Spy Muppets: License to Croak
Criminal mastermind and spoof of the James Bond villain Dr. No.
Tin Thing
The Muppets' Wizard of Oz
A robot version of the Tin Woodman from The Wizard of Oz.
A chicken (middle)
2009 D23 Expo
Gonzo turned into a chicken (together with Fozzie and Pepe) with the help of some Disney Magic.


Picture Production Notes
Muppet Madness
Illustrated by Bruce McNally
The Muppets (comic strip)
Illustrated by Guy and Brad Gilchrist
Sheriff of Nottingham
Robin Hood
Illustrated by Bruce McNally
Gumshoe McGurk, Private Eye
The Muppet Show Comic Book Issue #3
Illustrated by Roger Langridge
Guy of Gisborne
Muppet Robin Hood
Illustrated by Armand Villavert Jr. with covers by David Petersen and Shelli Paroline
Captain Hook
Muppet Peter Pan
Illustrated by Amy Mebberson with additional covers by David Petersen and Shelli Paroline
Sir Lancelot
Muppet King Arthur
Illustrated by James Silvani and Dave Álvarez with additional covers by David Petersen and Amy Mebberson

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