Goldie-Snuffle is a Snuffleupagus version of Goldilocks, who appeared in the story "Goldie-Snuffle and the Three Bears", which was published in The Sesame Street 1, 2, 3 Storybook and later reprinted in The Sesame Street Library Volume 7 and The Sesame Street Treasury Volume 7.

Big Bird met Goldie-Snuffle and took her to the home of the seven bears, who weren't home when they visited. Although they were gone, Goldie-Snuffle ate all of the bears' spaghetti and slept in their beds (she was big enough to sleep on all beds at once). However, when Big Bird told Goldie-Snuffle that the bears were about to come home, she realized that it was time for her nap, and although she was sleeping on the bears' beds, she went home to take a nap before the bears went inside.

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