Glædelig Jul, Elmer is a Danish dub of Elmo's World: Happy Holidays! It was shown on DR1, December 23, 2007.

Character Translations and Voices

English Character Name Danish Character Name Danish Voice Actor
Elmo Elmer Troels Walther
The Lecture Lady Veronika Monika Karin Jagd
Gordon Tom Jensen
Big Bird Store Pip Jan Tellefsen
Mail Carrier Kelly Julepostbud Kelly Gry Trampedach
Mr. Snuffleupagus Snuffy Michael Elo
Prairie Dawn Rosenknop
Telly Teddy Michael Elo
Baby Bear Baby Bjørn Jan Tellefsen
Papa Bear Papa Bjørn Troels Walther
Kids Børn Marie Schjeldal

Additional voice actors

  • Amin Jensen

Additional credits

  • Jens Davidsen - Director
  • Tekstkontoret - Danish translation
  • Adaptor D&D - Technical staff

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