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Songs from
Released 2012
Format Digital download
Label Sesame Street Records
Cat no.

Giving Thanks Collection is a digital Sesame Street album released in 2012 in celebration of Thanksgiving. The album is comprised of songs from previously released albums.

Track listing

  1. Take the Hand of Someone You Love - The Oinker Sisters
    from Sing-Along Travel Songs
  2. The Things I Love - Oscar
    from Love
  3. Five People in My Family - Anything Muppet Father and His Family
    from The Sesame Street Book & Record
  4. That's What Friends Are For - Bert and Ernie
    from Surprise!
  5. The Word Family Song - Gordon, Mr. Hooper, Oscar the Grouch and Susan
    from The Official Sesame Street 2 Book-and-Record Album
  6. I Get a Nice Feeling - Bob
    from Let Your Feelings Show!
  7. I Love Trash - Oscar the Grouch
    from The Sesame Street Book & Record
  8. Four Furry Friends - Cookie Monster, Grover, Herry and Oscar
    from The Muppet Alphabet Album
  9. Just Happy to Be Me - Fugees
    from Elmopalooza!
  10. Five Monsters in My Family - The Monsters
    from The Sesame Street Monsters!

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